We have installed numerous beautiful kitchens, from a number of different suppliers, with whom we work in partnership to design the perfect room for your needs.

We are sole Keller kitchen fitters for this region, although we work with other local suppliers as well.

Keller are an exciting Dutch company who provide a very different style of kitchen, bringing a more continental flavour to their designs, as well as some truly innovative technology (worktops which you can put hot pans on without damaging them, for instance!)

As with our bathrooms, we provide a full fitting service, including all plumbing, gas and electrical work as well as the finishing touches like tiling, flooring and decoration.

Why get a new kitchen from Manning and Woods?

With so much time spent in the kitchen, and so many meals cooked. It is an important place in your home. Having a new kitchen can really have a huge impact on your home, increase home value and your overall happiness in your home for you and your family.

Our expertise in kitchen fitting, installation and decoration will ensure we can tick all the boxes when it comes to giving you your dream kitchen for your home.


Kitchens from Manning & Woods

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