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This is an example of some tiling we undertook for a customer in keeping with the character of the kitchen

Bespoke Kitchen

This is an example of a kitchen we updated for a customer

Bespoke Joinery

This is an example of bespoke door we created for one of our customers

Our Work

Bespoke Joinery

  • <p>Timber newel and banisters</p>

    Timber newel and banisters

  • <p>Renovation work to ancient church lych gate</p>

    Renovation work to ancient church lych gate

  • <p>Bespoke timber window</p>

    Bespoke timber window

  • <p>School work units and shelving</p>

    School work units and shelving

  • <p>Bespoke Cabinet using customer’s original doors</p>

    Bespoke Cabinet using customer’s original doors

  • <p>Custom made oak framed table</p>

    Custom made oak framed table

  • <p>Granite topped bespoke kitchen table</p>

    Granite topped bespoke kitchen table

  • <p>Detail of customer’s door</p>

    Detail of customer’s door

  • <p>Bespoke garden table</p>

    Bespoke garden table


  • <p>Renovation of listed barn</p>

    Renovation of listed barn

  • <p>New Garden Wall</p>

    New Garden Wall

  • <p>Cantilevered roof & decking</p>

    Cantilevered roof & decking

  • <p>New feather edge boarding</p>

    New feather edge boarding

  • <p>Conversion of cart shed & garden</p>

    Conversion of cart shed & garden

  • <p>Bonded gravel courtyard</p>

    Bonded gravel courtyard

  • <p>Conversion of Outbuildings</p>

    Conversion of Outbuildings


  • <p>Fireplace & Mantle installation</p>

    Fireplace & Mantle installation

Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • <p>Revamped bathroom</p>

    Revamped bathroom

  • <p>Bathroom tiling</p>

    Detail of bathroom tiling

  • <p>Commercial disabled toilet</p>

    Commercial disabled toilet

  • <p>New bathroom</p>

    New bathroom

  • <p>Refurbished bathroom & new tiles</p>

    Refurbished bathroom & new tiles

  • <p>Kitchen tiling to customers design</p>

    Kitchen tiling to customers design

Specialist Decorating

  • <p>Full external redecoration</p>

    Full external redecoration

  • <p>Wallpapering</p>


  • <p>External redecoration</p>

    External redecoration

  • <p>External redecoration – 2ys after completion – still looking good</p>

    External redecoration

  • <p>External decoration</p>

    External decoration

  • <p>Kitchen makeover</p>

    Kitchen makeover

  • <p>External decoration</p>

    External decoration

  • <p>Feature wallpaper</p>

    Feature wallpaper

  • <p>Internal decorating</p>

    Internal decorating, wallpaper and painting plus bespoke radiator covers

  • <p>External decoration – Lime wash to Grade 2 listed building</p>

    External decoration – Lime wash to Grade 2 listed building

  • <p>Internal decoration to new boarding</p>

    Internal decoration to new boarding

Windows, Doors & Conservatories

  • <p>School renewal of UPVC fascia</p>

    School renewal of UPVC fascia

  • <p>Replacement UPVC windows1</p>

    Replacement UPVC windows1

  • <p>New UPVC conservatory</p>

    New UPVC conservatory

  • <p>New UPVC doors & windows</p>

    New UPVC doors & windows

  • <p>Replacement UPVC windows</p>

    Replacement UPVC windows

  • <p>Replacement UPVC Doors</p>

    Replacement UPVC Doors

  • <p>New conservatory</p>

    New conservatory

  • <p>New UPVC porch to customer’s design</p>

    New UPVC porch to customer’s design