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This is an example of some tiling we undertook for a customer in keeping with the character of the kitchen

Bespoke Kitchen

This is an example of a kitchen we updated for a customer

Bespoke Joinery

This is an example of bespoke door we created for one of our customers

Owning an important part of history

Buildings are given listed status to mark their historical and architectural interest. Owning a listed property means owning an important part of history.

Carrying out alterations to the building both inside and out can be a little more complicated than with unlisted buildings. Manning and Woods are specialists in their restoration and maintenance and have the knowledge and more importantly the trades to carry out the work.

Work that will alter appearance or that will change it internally will require consent as will replacing windows and doors or the removal of internal walls and changing of fireplaces. But in most circumstances like for like repairs and maintenance will not require consent.

If you need to ask for consent the work is likely to be strictly controlled and therefore is likely to include more expensive materials and specialist tradesmen. The good news for owners of listed buildings is that consented work is zero rated for VAT.


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